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Dan Cheifetz's Stamps For Sale

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Special Offers / One of a Kind Lots

These lots are one of a kind. They will be sold on a first come first serve basis. They must be reserved before payment is sent. If you want one of these lots, please email me first.

IRAN 65 Diff MNH

A selection of 65 different mint never hinged stamps from Iran. Includes some complete sets. A few of the stamps refer to the Palestinian struggle against Israel.
                               Price: 12.00 sh


150 World MNH

A selection of 150+ different mint never hinged stamps from all over the world. Includes some complete sets.
This lot catalogs over $100 according to my Scott's 1997
catalog. There are stamps in this lot that catalog over $10 each. All of the stamps are in perfect condition.
                             Price: 95 sh

A selection of 65+ used Faroes Islands. Total catalog
value of this lot is over $70.00 (Scott 97). A group of very attractive stamps from a hard to get country.
                            Price: 130.00 sh


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